Fish surfboards offer a wide stable outline with plenty of volume to maximize wave count over your traditional short board.

Fish Surfboards: The Perfect Board for Small Waves

Picture this. It's summer, the weather is warm and you're ready to enjoy the summertime swell. You get to your favorite surf spot and what do you find? Tiny waves, ankle biters, slop, whatever you call these waves, they're small and mushy. Still determined to get a set in, you take your shortboard out but you don't have enough speed to get in front of the waves. Frustrated, you head in and call it a day. Is there a board that would be better in small wave conditions? The answer is YES! A fish surfboard.

What Makes Fish Surfboards Ideal?

Fish surfboards have a significant amount of additional volume, especially in the tail section, which makes them more buoyant. This additional buoyancy will help the board cruise on the water, making paddling and getting on a wave faster and easier. Additionally, fish surfboards have very little curvature, known as rocker, which will also help with paddling. On top of being easier to paddle, the width and thickness of fish surfboards are similar to a traditional longboard, meaning that you have the stability of a longboard, but with maneuverability similar to a shortboard. All these design elements add up to one amazing experience - turning a small swell day into an awesome one! At ISLE, we are confident that you'll love your fish board, that we offer a 60-Day Ride It Guarantee and free shipping on your order! Small waves? Not a problem for your fish surfboard! Order one today.

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