Get hooked! SUPs specifically designed for all your fishing and hunting needs.
Get hooked! SUPs specifically designed for all your fishing and hunting needs.

Catch More Fish with a Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board

Fishing from a stand up paddle board is a new fishing method that anglers alike are trying because of the several advantages SUP fishing offers. SUP fishing provides exceptional mobility for fishing enthusiasts to easily access hard to reach spots where massive populations of fish thrive. Access the best fishing spots whether that be an ocean, lake or river. Unlike fishing from land or a boat, SUP fishing will provide you with a full body workout paddling to your favorite fishing spots.

Features to Look for in a Fishing Paddle Board


When you’re out fishing, you might not always want to go for a swim. Our fishing SUPs were specially made to keep you upright on your board and dry. When you’re reeling in a fish, the last thing you want to worry about is falling in. Additional width and thickness helps achieve maximum stability for a worry-free day of fishing.

Weight Capacity

Let's face it, fishing requires a decent amount of gear. A cooler to store the fish (and some beers), your trusty tackle box, and a dry bag for your valuables all add additional weight. A great fishing paddle board is designed with extra weight capacity to handle whatever you take on your next SUP fishing adventure.

Tie Down System

All of that fishing gear needs to be tied down somewhere, and ample storage space is crucial. Our fishing paddle boards come with a robust bungee tiedown system, perfect for securing your fishing gear firmly to the board.

You’ll Get Hooked to our Fishing SUPs

At ISLE, our fishing stand up paddle boards are designed with your fishing experience in mind. Our fishing SUPs serve as a great fishing platform because they are made with a wider deck for extra stability and space for your fishing setup. They come equipped with built-in bungee cords and D-rings to keep your gear, tackle box, fishing rod and cooler secured to your paddle board. Inflatable fishing paddle boards offer more stability while epoxy fishing boards provide better glide and agility on the water. The Switch Inflatable SUP Hybrid Paddle Board is great for fishing. If you have any questions about our paddle boards or need help determining which fishing paddle board will be the best for you, feel free to give us a call today!

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