Ride the Waves with a Surfing SUP

A surfing stand up paddle board is perfect for those who want to ride waves on their stand up paddle board. Surf SUPs are the perfect choice for those who want more action out of their paddle boarding experience. A surf paddle board is typically shorter, thinner and has less volume than your traditional SUP. In addition, surfing SUPS have an increased rocker and planning hull which allows for additional glide and maneuverability while riding. SUP surfing boards are perfect during small surf conditions as your paddle will allow you to get up to speed much faster than a traditional surfboard, making the waves just that much easier to catch. All these characteristics make surfing SUPs highly responsive and maneuverable for catching waves, performing bottom turns and cruising down the line and just like a traditional surfboard, our surfing stand up paddle boards include a leash with purchase, a must-have for riding waves.

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