3rd Generation Best-Sellers

3 Series


Innovation to Enhance Your Experience

The Pioneer and Explorer are Icons of the ISLE collection.  Each model is designed to enhance your time on (and off) the water through performance, features, functionality and FUN. The new 3rd generation elevates everything that makes these Icons best-sellers, award-winners and memory-makers to a new level – 20% lighter, PowerFuse welded construction,our patent pending ISLE-LINK system and a 5-Year Warranty.

Construction Innovation

Little things, Big Things, and everything in between. We obsess over the details, small and large, constantly testing, tweaking and refining in an effort to create the best possible product. The 3 Series has the Pro Series to thank for validating a lot of the construction techniques and details that are now available here.

Airtech ISLE’s original construction that changed the industry is something we don’t take for granted.  Constant testing and refining keep Airtech at the forefront of construction developments. We use a custom woven cross-threaded drop-stitch material with an optimized PVC coating to maximize durability while keeping weight to a minimum. PowerFuse welded rails improve durability and rigidity while extending product lifespan. Lightweight and rugged at a great price.

PowerFuse welded rail technology literally "fuses" the top, bottom and rails together, eliminating the potential for air leakage while increasing durability, rigidity and lifespan of the product.

ISLE-LINK our new patent-pending link system was born from the idea that the choice should be yours, knowing that your choice may change from day to day depending on the conditions, your mood, or your crew. You get to choose if you have a stand-up or sit-down paddle board. At your fingertips for instant installation of our award-winning Cloud Kayak Seat and Foot Brace and our collection of ISLE-LINK accessories.

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